Which Tax Software Is the Most Appropriate for Small Businesses?
Tax filing software tools for small businesses allow them to submit their federal and state tax returns quickly and correctly, allowing them to grow their businesses faster. Tax software solutions are often offered with identical claims for accuracy and a maximum return; however, the overall user experience and features might differ significantly from one another.
What Is The Most Reasonable Life Insurance For Seniors?
Life insurance has a distinct function at each period of one's existence. In most cases, young people who obtain life insurance do so to provide ongoing financial assistance to dependents in the event of their death. Later in life, older persons may consider purchasing life insurance for various reasons, including the payment of funeral costs and the repayment of existing debt, such as prospective medical expenditures resulting from a terminal disease.


A Simple Guide to Flat Rate Plumbing (2022)
If you need a flat rate plumber, we've got you covered! Our comprehensive guide to flat rate plumbing will give you the information you need to make the right choice.
How Does Fixed Margin Work and Is It Worth Considering?
Fixed margin can be a confusing concept for new investors. Understanding fixed margins can help you improve your investment strategy.


Financial Advisor Fees: What Are They, and Are They Tax Deductible?
This post is for those who seek to know whether or not it is possible for the fees that they pay for their financial advisors to be deductible.
Annuity Cash
An annuity is an investment plan that gives your lifetime annuity payouts after you get retired. You can learn how annuities work from this article.
All Things You Need to Know About Vertical Analysis
What is vertical analysis? Here are the comparison of vertical analysis and horizontal analysis, and the pros and cons of vertical analysis.
Let’s talk about insurance
: In fact, buying insurance is like you put some money from your left pocket into your right pocket, it is still yours and with protection. Insurance can help you to realize your good commitment to your family.
Data Standardization: Technical Barriers and the Role of Government - Part 2
The knowledge and quality gained from data are affected by its four main characteristics: volume, speed, diversity and authenticity. Data’s many characteristics make it possible to enhance its usage and possible externalities.
Data Standardization: Technical Barriers and the Role of Government - Part1
Data analysis rationalizes decision-making, so as to reduce risk and improve performance, and provides basis for new products and technologies in the meantime.
Data Privacy Law in the Global Economy - Part 2
The way EU uses to achieve global status in data protection law shows that EU's influence cannot be fully attributed to economic power, it also shows the importance of bilateral negotiations
Global Data Protection Regulation: EU Road - Part 5
Japan’s measures make EU data protection a new high point, which shows that data protection is also a basic element for international business.
Global Data Protection Regulation: EU Road - Part 3
EU plays a leading role in global data protection regulations, yet it usually prefers preventive regulatory action.
Global Data Protection Regulation: EU Road - Part 2
DGPR makes EU possible to externalize its laws and regulations through market mechanism.
Global Data Protection Regulation: EU Road - Part 1
The principles in GDPR, such as "data portability" and "the right to be forgotten", are already affecting laws outside Europe.
Problems in the Revised FATF Standard - Part 3
For the problems existing after the revised FATE Standards, authorities have strengthened the cooperation with VASP regulators to guarantee the safety.
Problems in the Revised FATF Standard - Part 2
With the revised FATE, not only the landing of the stable currency will pose challenge to the authority, but also the implementation of the Travel Rules will influence the interactivity of tokens.
Impact of Bitcoin Halving 2
Bitcoin halving is an “inevitably” event and in theory, it should not affect the price of Bitcoin.
Build a better data economy model
First introduce some information about digital footprints, which enables companies to grasp a series of data including human health, travel and so on. Then introduce the positive role of personal data in the development of companies and the response to COVID-19, and finally mention some negative issues about the flow of data around the world.
Embedded Supervision of Distributed Ledger Technology 1
This article shows people’s attitudes towards decentralized distributed ledger technology.
How to regulate consumers being "exploited" by algorithms? 6
A better way for consumers to prevent personalized algorithms is not merely relying on information disclosure, but rather personalized inline notifications or regulations such as the right of revocation can be much helpful.
How to regulate consumers being "exploited" by algorithms? 4
Consumer shopping bias can be detected with big data and artificial intelligence, which will help producers to set a rational trap and lead to price discrimination.
How to regulate consumers being "exploited" by algorithms? 3
In order to prevent price discrimination, consumers may use self-help relief, such as being anonymous to producers. There are also regulatory possibilities, such as having the right to know and the right to opt-out from any unwilling transactions.
UK financial regulators focus on "operational flexibility" 3
Flexible operation of the financial system ensure the company’s safety and stability, which means minimizing and quickly recovering from operational disruptions.
Is sudden death an accident or illness?
The definition of sudden death: 1. Caused by illness; 2. Die in a short time.


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