What is the 529 plan?
Introduce the the naming origin, the coverage and two basic types of the 529 plan, and finally describe who can manage and execute the plan.
Potential risks of quantum computation (4)
First introduce the impact of quantum computation on digital assets, websites and commercial sectors encrypted by public keys, then explain that the current quantum-resistant algorithms may be phased out, and finally expound the lag and complexity of algorithms transition for government agencies.


The application of cloud computing in the financial industry 3
Public cloud is dedicated to multiple different customers, which can be used by financial institutions to share computing resources with other customers in different areas.
The application of cloud computing in the financial industry 2
Financial institutions use cloud computing to satisfy the customer’s need for better remote and mobile services. The three basic cloud service models are based on infrastructure, software, and platform.


Potential Risks of Quantum Computing (1)
Modern cryptography is based on three main algorithms: symmetric keys, asymmetric keys and hash functions. This article introduces the three kind of algorithms and how the attackers deal with them.


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