Everything You Need to Know About Financial Receivable
The ultimate guide to Financial Receivable or Accounts Receivable is a must read for you to understand how to reduce bad debt and how to handle problem receivable.
The new financial order in the post-epidemic era
In order to combat the COVID-19 crisis, banks have been setting up liquidity buffers, improving risk management systems, and reducing risky social capital.


What is Virtual Bank
A virtual bank is the bank that provides retail banking services through Internet or other digital channels. The establishment of virtual bank greatly benefit individuals and small enterprises.
Exclusive contract law for data transmission (VI)
Unlike the assumption made by the theory, costs associated with inducing parties to incorporate restrictions into an agreement can be very large.


“Freedom of Information Act” (III)
People can make bad use of FOIA to collect competitor’s information and gain commercial advantages or lead to legal risks that are unethical.
“Freedom of Information Act” (II)
FOIA aims to protect proprietary information, however, it is doubtful that FOIA is benefiting the companies who may be unwilling to open the information to the public.
“Freedom of Information Act” (I)
The Freedom of Information Act may provide the public the right to know what is going on in the country, whether it is a government document or any regulatory information.
“Paperwork Reduction Act” (III)
Due to lengthy time spent during the process of PRA approval, the information request can be outdated even before the agency starting to collect information.
Digital Disconnection of Industry
Technology companies which provide the same business are ahead of banks. Many financial technology companies eventually chose to obtain banking licenses. Whether the traditional banking industry can keep up with the pace of the times depends on whether the digital application is disconnected or not.


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